2011 jfk profile in courage essay contest

Selecting a Topic After reading John F.

2011 jfk profile in courage essay contest

Kennedy Profile in Courage: Kennedy President John F. Kennedy respected and admired acts of political courage.

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His book, Profiles in Courage, published inrecounted the stories of eight U. Senators who risked their careers by taking principled stands for unpopular positions. The Profile in Courage Award, presented each May by the Kennedy Library Foundation, honors elected officials who have demonstrated exceptional political courage.

Essay Topic Students are asked to write an original and creative essay of less than 1, words that demonstrates an understanding of political courage as described by John F.

Kennedy in Profiles in Courage. Describe and analyze the decisions, actions, and risks of an elected public official in the United States since who has courageously addressed a political issue at the local, state, national, or international level.

All submissions must adhere to contest requirements. Students will develop and enhance research, writing and critical thinking skills while they deepen their understanding and appreciation of politics and history.

The contest is open to United States high school students in grades nine through twelve attending public, private, parochial, or home schools; U.

2011 jfk profile in courage essay contest

Past winners and finalists are not eligible to participate. Employees of John Hancock Financial Services and members of their families are not eligible to participate.

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What do you mean by an "elected official"? What is the difference between an official who is elected and one who is appointed? The contest requires that the subject of your essay be about an official who is publicly elected by the people of the United States.

Representatives and Senators at the state and national level, mayors, and city council members are some examples of elected officials. The whole concept of political courage revolves around an understanding of the risks and pressures that elected officials face and the difficult choices that politics often present: Supreme Court Justices and the Attorney General of the Unites States are examples of appointed officials, as are the 14 Secretaries that make up the President's Cabinet.

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The President appoints the 14 Secretaries from the executive department, who must then be confirmed by a majority vote 51 votes of the Senate. Appointed officials are not elected by the people of the United States and therefore are not eligible subjects for your essay.

What does it mean for an elected official to "act courageously"? The contest requires that you write about an elected official who has acted or is acting courageously to address a political issue at the local, national or international level.

Read the first and last chapters of Profiles in Courage to develop an understanding of political courage. Can I write about the current or past since President of the United States?


Although a President of the United States is an elected official, and in many cases displays political courage, we recommend that you do not write about a current or past President.

Judges carefully evaluate the subject of each essay to assess whether it is a thoughtful and original choice. We encourage participants to write profiles of subjects whose stories are less well known than that of a President of the United States.

This is an opportunity to profile an official in your town, state or region, or a leader who has addressed an issue of great concern to you. Kennedy is ineligible as an essay subject.

Why does the registration form require that I state the name of a "nominating" teacher? Who can I ask to be my "nominating teacher"? The role of your nominating teacher is to provide you with support and advice during the writing of your essay. He or she is also required to read your essay before you submit it online or via regular mail.

If you should be selected as the first-place winner, you and your nominating teacher, as representatives of your school, will be invited to receive awards at the John F.

Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. Your nominating teacher can be a former or current teacher who is currently teaching in your high school. In very few cases we will make an exception if a student is unable to ask a teacher from their high school to be their nominating teacher.

The parent or legal guardian responsible for the instruction of home schooled students can also serve as a nominating teacher.

How long should my essay be? What is the minimum and maximum number of words required? Your essay should be at least words, but no more than 1, words.Profile in Courage Essay Contest.

John f kennedy profile in courage essay contest

Teachers; School Visits; Students; Profile in Courage Essay Contest. Getting Started; Winning Essay by Kevin Kay The Forgotten Floridian: John B. Orr, Jr. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. The Profile in Courage Essay Contest was an opportunity that I actually learned about very late in the year.

Despite the limited time constraints, I ultimately decided to take on the challenge in part because of the subject I’d chosen.

2011 jfk profile in courage essay contest

The JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest is currently available to high school students of U.S. The Essay Contest invites students to consider the concept - Essay Contest, John F.

Kennedy. Past Winning Essays has won the national John F. Open to US high school students JFK Profile ba english past papers punjab university in Courage Essay Contest is a prestigious, annual program currently open to high school students jfk essay contest John F. David Neeleman founded the company in February , under the name "NewAir".

JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest. The JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest is currently available to high school students. The winner of this competitive annual contest is awarded a $10, prize and is invited to accept the award at the Profile in Courage Award ceremony held each May at the Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston.

(FYI: JFK, Robert Kennedy, and Sen. Ted Kennedy are not eligible subjects for essays, and if you decided to choose a past recipient of the Profile in Courage Award, make sure you write about something other than the act of courage that earned them that award.).

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage: Essay Contest