Examining literary catalysts in two short

Introduction Captain Marvelan iconic and influential example of the genre.

Examining literary catalysts in two short

Thus glare of contemporary reality immobilized his imagination. His creation as this story is more imaginative than reality of that era, though that imagination is true in some ways of life in modern era. But at the end of the day Hawthorne showed the fact that the birthmark is a part of creation of God and Nature and messing with them will result in what happened at the end of his experiment on Georgiana.

There could easily be detected the confliction in some events how could someone like Aminadab possibly be working side by side with the intellectual scientist, Aylmer? Along with Science, Perfection, mortality and many others could be themes author may intend to convey here, but the only reoccurring theme here is to convey that messing with natural beauty will not be successful, as there is only one creator.

In the beginning of the story Aylmer believes very firm in science. On the other hand Aylmer wife Georgiana does not have any clue until he told her about his dislike of the birthmark on her cheek.

But as Aylmer believes that he could get that fixed through his science knowledge gives us the idea of confliction and transition of nature oriented beliefs and scientific beliefs era. Here Aylmer is a science believer and Georgiana is a nature believer.

Throughout the story there were numerous time where the confliction between both characters going too far and deep. At the end though both the characters shown going too far in their respective beliefs and although Aylmer momentarily rejoiced thinking his success but the death of Georgiana gives the real conveyance Hawthorne tried to convey his reader that Nature is sole creator and true beauty is natural beauty.


Characterisation The different characters Hawthorne created in this short story is fabulous in terms of literature creativity. The ability of Hawthorne to direct presentation of all three different characters Aylmer, Aminadab and Georgiana is the great narration.

Also Georgiana is a character represented as she would see all her inner beauty and expects her husband to see that way too.

Examining literary catalysts in two short

She does not believe in interrupting the nature and outside beauty. The character of Aminadab is pretty short but still impressive in the setting of some events.

The main character seems is more complex character represented here. Aylmer is playing different roles at different situation and also managing all three minds which represented very well here. Symbolism Although Aylmer never been shown publicly success scientist and there were no any acceptable success mentioned in the story, he always acted like a scientist without any doubt on his scientific knowledge.

As stated he failed in all of the experiment he did which is symbolized enact of him. But he never really cared about his ability in reality. He even did not bother going forward and use the very new chemical on his dearest wife without knowing the consequences of it.

Thus the birthmark is symbolized as imperfection of creator Nature. The conflict between the characters also symbolized the transition period or era from the beliefs of nature and inner beauty to science as a modifier and artificial beauty.

Conclusion Thus the author Hawthorne here gave his stand on the conflict between the man and nature. He fairly succeeded conveying readers about his stand thorough his fine creation of short story, conflicting characterization and symbolically.

The character Aylmer plays central role in this story through convincing his ideas and playing mentally with other characters in order to manage them in his own way.

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