Genetics homework help

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Genetics homework help

Transcription Genetics Translation DNA Video transcript - [Voiceover] We've already talked about how DNA's structure as this double helix, this twisted ladder, makes it suitable for being the molecular basis of heredity. And what we wanna do in this video is get a better appreciation for why it is suitable, and the mechanism by which it is the molecular basis for heredity.

And we're gonna focus on a conceptual level, I'm not gonna go into all of the, I guess you could say biochemical details. Really just give you the conceptual idea of what happens.

And just to be Genetics homework help, and we talked about this in the introductory video to DNA, DNA is much more than, you know, a handful of base pairs. The DNA molecule can be tens of millions of base pairs long.

So for example this might be a section of a much longer molecule, so the much longer strand of DNA, and even there I'm probably not giving justice to it.

But this might just be this very, very small section, let me do this in a different color, this little section right over here, zoomed in. So once again it might be part of a molecule that has not seven or eight base pairs, but might have 70 million base pairs.

So just like that.

Genetics homework help

So let's understand what a molecular basis of heredity would need to do. Well first of all it would need to be replicable. Or we would need to be able to replicate it.

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As a cell divides, the two new cells would want to have the same genetic material. So how does DNA replicate? And this process is called replication. And we covered this in the introduction video as well, but it's nice to see the different processes next to each other.

And replication, you can imagine taking either splitting these two sides of the ladder, and actually let's do that. So let me copy and paste, so if I take that side right over there, so let me copy and then paste it.

And then there we go, a little bit of it is dropping below the video but I think that serves the purpose. And then let's copy and paste the other side. So let me select that. And then I copy and then I paste, and it's just like that. And so you can imagine if you were to split these, these things you could call them two sides of the ladder, that either side could be used to construct the other side.

And then you would have two strands, two identical strands of the DNA. And so let's see what that actually looks like. So let me get my pen tool out now, let me deselect this, get the pen tool out. It's a new tool I'm using, so let me make sure I'm doing it right. Alright, so from this side, from this left side, or at least what we are looking at as the left side, you can then construct another right side based on this information.

A always pairs with T if we're talking about DNA. So adenine pairs with thymine just like that. Thymine pairs with adenine Let me do that a little bit neater. Thymine pairs with adenine, guanine pairs with cytosine, cytosine pairs with guanine, falling a little bit down here.

And just like that I was able to construct a new right hand side using that left hand side. So maybe I'll do the new sugar phosphate backbone in yellow. And we can do the same thing here using the original right hand side.

So using the original right hand side, once again the T is paired with the A, let me do that in adenine's color. So we have an adenine and thymine, adenine and thymine, adenine and thymine.Welcome to /r/HomeworkHelp! Come here for homework help in most any field.

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